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Cute Christmas Banners Vector Graphic

Nov 12, 2013 | Backgrounds, Frames and Banners, Holidays

Cute Christmas Banners Vector Graphic — cute christmas, christmas deer, characters, holidays, children, penguin, playful, drawing, mascot, funny, bear, kids
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Looking for a cute way to spread some Christmas cheer? These adorable banners feature traditional holiday colors and images. Three animals deliver delightfully warm greeting to your viewers; each sits nicely over its winter background, addressing the reader directly with a simple message. All three banners use fun, handwritten fonts, and each has plenty of neutral space for added elements. These are exceptionally clean graphics, heartwarming and cute thanks to their cartoonish characters and light color schemes. These banners work well for virtually any type of application, but they're an especially astute choice for websites and documents geared towards younger viewers.

background, banner, banners, bear, characters, children, christmas deer, cute christmas, drawing, funny, holidays, illustration, kids, mascot, penguin, playful, vector

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