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Promotion Banners Vector Graphic

Jun 06, 2013 | Backgrounds, Frames and Banners, Most Popular

Promotion Banners Vector Graphic — new collection, application, best price, retailer, discount, sale
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These promotional banners feature a clean, vibrant look that will keep your customers excited. While they're fairly straightforward, the bold lettering gets your message across quickly. They're perfect for building attendance for sales, grand openings, and other events. The red tabs on the side of each banner uses a keyword to draw viewers' attention, while stylized white text delivers the details. A slight gradient keeps the attention on the text and adds a refreshing, clean effect that's perfect for new promotions. These banners are particularly effective when used together. They're designed for retailers, but they're appropriate for a variety of applications.

application, background, banners, best price, discount, new collection, promotion, retailer, sale, vector

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